June 7

Gallagher Animal Performance Software


Gallagher Animal Performance Software sending on-farm decision making sky high with a new cloud-based solution.

This month, Gallagher releases the latest addition to their growing suite of technology solutions designed to provide customers with meaningful animal performance insights, allowing them to make more informed business decisions with an aim of improving their on-farm productivity.

The Gallagher Animal Performance app completes the Gallagher Weighing and EID ecosystem, allowing users to access the same animal data stored on the cloud-based software from in the yards using their Weighing and EID hardware, anywhere on or off farm using a smartphone or in the office on a computer.

Weighing and EID Business Development Manager Mike Hemsley says: “Gallagher Animal Performance Software is cloud-based, so the beauty of it is that you can synchronise between the smartphone app, your Weigh Scale or EID Tag Reader and the cloud.”

“It means that wherever you are you can view your animal performance data, allowing you to make quick and accurate management decisions.”

One of the obvious differences between the new Gallagher Animal Performance Software and previous offerings from the company is that the customer is no longer required to run a PC program to be able to view their data – they can connect their compatible weighing and EID hardware to WiFi and upload data immediately to the cloud.

The new software has had the same research and development put into it by the in-house product development team at Gallagher, who are responsible for designing the existing range of Gallagher Weighing and EID hardware. This has resulted in a product ecosystem that is simple to use and provides real benefits for customers.

“You can search for a tag number either on your Weighing and EID hardware or on the app on your phone and add in notes against that particular animal which can then be synched immediately to the cloud for others to view”.

“But the real benefit comes from removing the need to be logged into your computer back at the office in order to do important work, such as completing NLIS transfers”.

NLIS database transfers can be completed on the app or using the cloud software. In providing this feature, Gallagher have removed the need to trapse back and forth between yards and office to get real work done.

Importantly, the software can be continually updated as more features become available. The Gallagher Animal Performance Software updates automatically, and users can set up reminders on their smartphone to update the App when needed. Additionally, users will receive reminders to update the software on their hardware, ensuring that they are always working with the most up to date version.

Whilst this software solution is intuitive and easy to use, it remains backed by the same personalised support of the Gallagher Customer Service teams. Customers can be assured that they can receive assistance in getting started and getting the most of new Gallagher Animal Performance Software.

To get started, head to https://am.app.gallagher.com/amc/dashboard and create an account or login to your existing account. The App can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. For help and support, speak to the Gallagher Team on 1800 425 524.

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