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AGnVET RURAL offer a two-year graduate program for trainee agronomists looking 

for a hands-on learning experience to further their skills, knowledge

and career in agriculture

AGnVET RURAL understand that the future of agriculture lies in the hands of talented professionals. AGnVET RURAL pride themselves on focusing on their people, providing training opportunities for career advancement within the AGnVET RURAL Group.

Our Graduate Program is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to progress within the agricultural industry with a focus on agronomic services in a range of sectors from broadacre to pasture management, horticulture, sugar cane or cotton agronomy.

Our motto, Growing Together for Success, is a cornerstone of operations at AGnVET RURAL and the foundation upon which our employees are trained, as mutual success is the foundation upon which AGnVET RURAL has grown and developed. 

Today the AGnVET RURAL Group operates 8 agricultural distribution branches across the network, with branches located in key agricultural areas across Northern New South Wales and Queensland. Our retail branches provide a variety of products and services to customers in the agricultural industry. The AGnVET RURAL group offers a variety of career opportunities for graduates including agronomy, customer service, accounts, and marketing. Our graduate program provides training for graduates specialising in agronomy. 

Why Join the AGnVET RURAL Graduate Program?

Hands-On Learning

In our experience, our graduates learn best by seeing agronomy in action. All AGnVET RURAL Graduate Agronomists will be paired with a senior agronomist for their two-year Graduate Program. During which time they will develop their skills and knowledge in agronomy through hands-on learning in a practical, measured and supported way.

In-Depth Knowledge

Our team of experienced agronomists offer a comprehensive library of knowledge in a variety of sectors including cotton, horticulture, broadacre, sugar cane and pasture agronomy. Our AGnVET RURAL agronomists take this industry knowledge and pair it with regional experience to develop your skills in the paddock and in customer service.

Industry Connections

Gain valuable insights and build a strong professional network through our partnerships with leading agricultural suppliers and other agribusinesses through AGnVET RURAL's involvement with AgLink Australia. Attend national conferences like the Australian Cotton Conference or specialised industry training facilitated through AgLink Australia to increase you connections across the Australian agriculture.

Supported Learning

The AGnVET RURAL Graduate Program in Agronomy is supported training and development for a two year period. From day one you will be working closely with recognised senior agronomists with multiple years of experience in the field. In this way you will begin to develop your own skills in agronomy along with a wealth of knowledge in agricultural technologies and industry practices. Whether your interest lies in cotton, pasture, broadacre or sugar cane, AGnVET RURAL have the skills, knowledge and understanding to develop career in Agronomy.

Global Opportunity

Through connections with AgLink Australia, our Pursehouse Rural Agronomists have had the opportunity to take advantage of overseas trips, exploring industry practices and technological advances in America, Canada and Europe. There is also the opportunity to partake in overseas exchange programs to deepen your experience and exploration of agriculture and agronomy whilst developing a well-rounded perspective on the industry.

Career Opportunities:

AGnVET RURAL Graduate Agronomists have the opportunity to explore a variety of specialties within the industry including:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Broadacre Agronomy
  • Cotton Agronomy
  • Sugar Cane
  • Pasture Agronomy

Join Us in shaping the suture of Agriculture and further your career with the AGnVET RURAL Graduate Program.

AGnVET RURAL is committed to empowering you to achieve your goals. Discover how our Graduate Program can unlock your potential and prepare you to make an impact on our customers.

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